User Group Information

Who We Are

Harris Govern Fort Collins User Group, Inc is a non-profit group formed with the mission of providing a discussion group and forum for users of RealWare, CollectWare and Matix to become better educated users and to provide feedback for enhancing the software.

The primary venue for achieving this mission is an annual training conference that is planned, organized and run by the User Group. During this conference, we strive to:

· Learn from other jurisdictions about how they get the most out of the software.

· Learn from Harris about new features recently released with the software.

· Hear about the future of Harris and development roadmaps.

· Network with other jurisdictions and Harris representatives.

We also work throughout the remainder of the year to gather feedback for improving the conference and enabling additional pathways for learning.

The dues that we request as membership in the User Group help support this mission and have historically covered all costs related to the conference.

If you are able to join us at the conference, we look forward to learning together and improving our collective knowledge about RealWare!